Romeo Fitch – Founder of NEOSNEAKERS. 

As a young boy growing up in the slum of Paris, Romeo’s love for fashion began. Taking every chance to wear the latest sneakers and outfits, he had to work hard and play football for hours every day in order to save up the money. It took him months, but every once in a while, he could afford the freshest shoes on the market. However, it was a harsh reality and he was sometimes tempted to take the easy way out and resort to crime to be able to afford the same fashion all the kids at school was wearing. “That is why I wanted to create a legacy where people with less money can afford these kinds of shoes, without stealing”, Romeo says. This young man felt he had a bigger purpose than following down the same path of crime as so many others in his area had done before him.  

In 2017, after years of travelling and hard work, the young entrepreneur decided to act on his lifelong dream. Together with his wife he created Neosneakers. Growing at a rapid pace they have come a long way in the two years since launching, with renowned customers such as Nicholas Anelka, Bakari Sagna and Mammadou Sakho. Romeo has thus succeeded at turning his passion into a career.

Moreover, it is Romeo’s high-reaching ambitions, together with his selfless love for the people he holds close, that make Neosneakers unique. His constant striving for his family to be great, and their continuous support of him is the very foundation of this fast-growing company. He says, “I could never do it without my wife who has always believed in me”. This mentality is further mirrored in the company, making it the success he always knew it could be.

We hope you will love your new pair of shoes, just as much as young Romeo did once he could afford his.

Best Regards,

Neosneakers Family